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Welshpool descent

Ride Segment Lesmurdie, WA, Australia
  • 2.2km
  • -6%
    Avg Grade
  • 41m
    Lowest Elev
  • 179m
    Highest Elev
  • 138m
    Elev Difference
  • 20,277 Attempts By 2,698 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Toby Brown 90.4km/h 220W Powermeter 1:27
Dane Frey 86.4km/h 461W 1:31
Mark E. 86.4km/h 615W 1:31
Roman Watkins 86.4km/h 802W 1:31
Andy W. 85.5km/h 42W Powermeter 1:32
Dean Wright 84.5km/h 693W 1:33
David Vas 84.5km/h 463W 1:33
Johan Borg 84.5km/h 20W Powermeter 1:33
Nigel Brockman 84.5km/h 1,035W 1:33
Bruce Lee RM 84.5km/h 10W Powermeter 1:33
✅ Alex S. 83.6km/h 896W 1:34
Andrew P. 83.6km/h 110W Powermeter 1:34
Murray Curran 83.6km/h 557W 1:34
Mark Waite 83.6km/h 740W 1:34
Jon P. 82.8km/h 0W Powermeter 1:35
Baxter B. 82.8km/h 181W Powermeter 1:35
ɹoʌǝɹʇ , ɥɔıɹnɐ uɐʌ 82.8km/h 547W 1:35
Charlie Gargett 82.8km/h - 1:35
Paul M. 82.8km/h 591W 1:35
Ben O'Connor 82.8km/h 620W 1:35

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Ali D. 78.6km/h 845W 1:40
Jen Watkins 77.1km/h - 1:42
Hayley McNamara 77.1km/h 817W 1:42
Erin K. 76.3km/h 21W Powermeter 1:43
Amanda N. 76.3km/h 97W Powermeter 1:43
Rebecca O. 75.6km/h 894W 1:44
Lorna Henson 74.9km/h 714W 1:45
Bella K. 74.9km/h 253W 1:45
Jessica H. 74.9km/h - 1:45
Sarah Smith 74.2km/h 676W 1:46
Shannon A. 73.5km/h 1W Powermeter 1:47
Emma Pooley 73.5km/h 56W Powermeter 1:47
Anna M. 72.8km/h 700W 1:48
Natalie R. 72.8km/h 72W Powermeter 1:48
Alex McDougall 72.8km/h 629W 1:48
Janice Graham 72.8km/h 26W Powermeter 1:48
Anna Kauffmann 72.1km/h 106W Powermeter 1:49
Anke Hoskins 72.1km/h 797W 1:49
Tarni Riggs 72.1km/h 678W 1:49
Emma M. 72.1km/h 0W Powermeter 1:49