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Swami's Saturday Ride - only fast portion

Ride Segment Encinitas, CA
  • 46.6km
  • 0%
    Avg Grade
  • 2m
    Lowest Elev
  • 214m
    Highest Elev
  • 212m
    Elev Difference
  • 4,707 Attempts By 1,044 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Balleur S. 38.1km/h 205W Powermeter 1:13:29
Medium Raw 38.0km/h 342W 1:13:35
David Bacher 38.0km/h 204W Powermeter 1:13:36
Kenyon R. 38.0km/h 324W 1:13:37
Derek Oskutis 38.0km/h 328W 1:13:38
Trent F. 38.0km/h 271W Powermeter 1:13:39
Joshua G. 38.0km/h 424W 1:13:39
Brian S. 38.0km/h 228W Powermeter 1:13:40
bill jones 38.0km/h 266W Powermeter 1:13:40
Bmx C. 38.0km/h 233W Powermeter 1:13:41
Chris Burnham 37.9km/h 348W 1:13:42
SKiNNY G 37.4km/h 320W 1:14:47
David Bruemmer 37.2km/h 335W 1:15:07
Pascal B 37.2km/h 292W 1:15:14
Jason H. 37.1km/h 238W Powermeter 1:15:20
Orion Berryman 37.1km/h 250W Powermeter 1:15:23
Larry S. 37.0km/h 165W Powermeter 1:15:36
Andy M. 37.0km/h 337W 1:15:39
Luke Biker . 37.0km/h 304W 1:15:39
Mark Nagy 36.9km/h 230W Powermeter 1:15:43

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Gretchen Stumhofer 38.0km/h 327W 1:13:41
Jessica Cerra 37.0km/h - 1:15:40
Athena C. 34.2km/h 190W Powermeter 1:21:49
Josef Elsa ♥ Holliday Rock/Zoca 32.8km/h 225W 1:25:11
Katie Araujo 32.2km/h - 1:26:45
Laura O'Meara 32.1km/h 243W 1:27:04
Shannon C. 31.9km/h 166W Powermeter 1:27:41
Joy W. 31.9km/h 148W Powermeter 1:27:44
Molly K. 31.8km/h 215W 1:28:02
Erin Gunn 31.4km/h 262W 1:29:06
Jenny Lehmann 31.0km/h - 1:30:05
Beth Gerdes 30.6km/h 172W Powermeter 1:31:15
amy schultz 30.5km/h - 1:31:46
Strava A. 30.4km/h 195W 1:32:01
katie long 30.4km/h - 1:32:02
Esther W. 29.9km/h 245W 1:33:23
Lana A. 29.9km/h 237W 1:33:30
Marissa Ferrante 29.8km/h 147W Powermeter 1:33:52
Paris M. 29.8km/h 169W Powermeter 1:33:56
Laura Goldman 29.5km/h 188W 1:34:43