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Sunset Sizzle

Ride Segment Portland, OR
  • 1.6km
  • 3%
    Avg Grade
  • 138m
    Lowest Elev
  • 193m
    Highest Elev
  • 55m
    Elev Difference
  • 15,685 Attempts By 1,157 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Mike A. 37.4km/h 506W 2:35
colin williams 34.8km/h - 2:47
Daniel Lincoln 33.4km/h 431W 2:54
Brandon Smith 32.2km/h 377W 3:00
Johnny B. 32.1km/h 377W 3:01
J B. 31.7km/h 358W 3:03
Mike C. 31.7km/h 386W 3:03
David Masuda 30.9km/h 381W 3:08
dan mancuso 30.2km/h 348W 3:12
Eric S. 30.1km/h 357W 3:13
Mike Girard 29.9km/h 384W Powermeter 3:14
T. S. 29.6km/h 381W 3:16
Travis Ernst 29.3km/h 368W 3:18
Eric T. 29.3km/h 343W 3:18
Brian Gerow 29.3km/h 496W 3:18
Nat Johnson 28.7km/h 339W 3:22
Brad Goodson 28.6km/h 390W Powermeter 3:23
Matty Lichtenfels 28.3km/h 329W 3:25
Miquel Casas 28.2km/h 264W 3:26
Jared B. 28.0km/h 399W 3:27

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Anna Grace C. 26.4km/h 251W 3:40
Emily Rimas 25.2km/h 246W 3:50
Strava A. 24.5km/h 226W 3:57
Lis K. 24.2km/h 212W 4:00
Gravel T. 24.0km/h 256W 4:02
Kristi C. 23.5km/h 222W Powermeter 4:07
Deann Garcia 23.3km/h 223W 4:09
Holly Henderson 23.3km/h 231W 4:09
Shetha N 22.9km/h 187W 4:13
Kristy H. 22.8km/h 182W Powermeter 4:15
Karey M. 22.4km/h 221W Powermeter 4:19
Barb Gribskov 22.4km/h 194W 4:19
Carolyn B. 22.1km/h - 4:23
Nicole K. 22.1km/h 228W 4:23
Alana A. 21.8km/h 171W Powermeter 4:26
Flavia DeAndrade 21.7km/h 185W 4:28
Stefanie B. 21.6km/h - 4:29
Susanne W. 21.4km/h 193W 4:31
Hilary Luther 21.3km/h 228W 4:33
Angharad P. 21.3km/h 215W 4:33