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RB Commute (Ft Mason to Peets via Horse Hill)

Ride Segment San Francisco, CA
  • 21.5km
  • -0%
    Avg Grade
  • -32m
    Lowest Elev
  • 60m
    Highest Elev
  • 92m
    Elev Difference
  • 4,109 Attempts By 956 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Charles Hacskaylo 34.4km/h 273W 37:33
Bingo .. 34.1km/h 265W 37:55
Rob B. 33.4km/h 237W 38:37
Michael McIntyre 31.7km/h 196W 40:41
Yon Perullo 30.3km/h 262W 42:35
Jeff Tuck 30.3km/h 230W 42:37
Rene Simon 29.6km/h 186W 43:36
Cesar Correa 29.6km/h - 43:41
Scott D. 29.5km/h 216W 43:44
Ken Papai 29.5km/h 196W 43:45
Mo Miles 29.5km/h 206W 43:46
Andrew F. 29.4km/h 177W 43:55
Dyno Mite! 29.4km/h 211W 43:57
Scott H. 29.4km/h 241W Powermeter 43:59
matthew park 29.2km/h 210W 44:15
Luke StClair 29.2km/h 256W Powermeter 44:15
Paul Brannan 29.0km/h 169W 44:33
Bryan Bates 29.0km/h 198W 44:36
JR 36 28.9km/h 171W 44:37

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Jessica LaPonsey 27.6km/h 144W 46:50
vanessa drigo 26.9km/h 138W 48:04
Cecelia M. 25.2km/h 189W 51:15
Jenn OReilly 24.4km/h 293W 52:53
Susanne Kaufmann 24.3km/h 149W 53:12
Caroline D. 24.3km/h 108W 53:14
Katie Evans 23.9km/h 149W 54:06
Bernadette K. 23.4km/h 104W 55:06
Shelagh F. 23.3km/h 105W 55:28
Carmen H. 22.9km/h 104W 56:17
faye steiner 22.9km/h 102W 56:25
Ellie B. 22.7km/h 92W 56:54
Kim H. 22.5km/h 140W 57:25
Lauren Barnard 22.4km/h 130W 57:41
Lindsay McAlpine 22.3km/h 115W Powermeter 57:55
Ashley Drum 22.3km/h 111W 58:00
Rikke K F J. 22.3km/h 120W Powermeter 58:01
Shirley Lee 22.2km/h 193W 58:16
Emily Fisher 22.1km/h 136W 58:25
Louisa Pickering 21.8km/h 130W 59:16