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Ride Segment Tampa, FL
  • 0.3km
  • -0%
    Avg Grade
  • 0m
    Lowest Elev
  • 2m
    Highest Elev
  • 2m
    Elev Difference
  • 5,280 Attempts By 586 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 jaycee villa 58.2km/h - 20s
2 Barracuda M 55.4km/h 685W 21s
2 Joe boggess joeker 55.4km/h - 21s
2 Eric Hall 55.4km/h 530W 21s
2 Tori Slowtwitch 55.4km/h - 21s
6 Ernest Gaufin 52.9km/h 424W 22s
6 Robert D. 52.9km/h 322W 22s
6 Tony D. 52.9km/h 433W 22s
6 Ricardo Sequeira de Queiroz 52.9km/h 106W 22s
10 Brian Z. 50.6km/h 368W 23s
10 Stefan M. 50.6km/h 591W 23s
10 jack heiss 50.6km/h 591W 23s
10 Al S. 50.6km/h 685W 23s
10 Jerry Gisclair 50.6km/h 445W 23s
15 Jeb Stewart 48.5km/h - 24s
15 David D. 48.5km/h 436W 24s
15 Alex Jensen 48.5km/h - 24s
15 Blair Hudson 48.5km/h 456W 24s
19 Claudio Borimonoff 46.5km/h 422W 25s
19 Billy R. 46.5km/h 448W 25s

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
1 Bella L. 55.4km/h 602W 21s
2 Sophie L. 41.6km/h 296W 28s
3 Tonya Benstock 38.8km/h 329W Powermeter 30s
4 stacy lennard 37.5km/h 226W 31s
5 Leslie Archey 36.4km/h - 32s
5 Sandy Epperson Rich 36.4km/h 234W 32s
7 Heather W. 35.3km/h - 33s
7 Lindsey Cox 35.3km/h 190W 33s
9 Rebecca Ruffer 33.2km/h 166W 35s
9 Susan Mosher 33.2km/h 140W 35s
9 Kate A. 33.2km/h 249W 35s
9 Mrs Barracuda M 33.2km/h - 35s
9 Sharmi Duncan 33.2km/h 160W 35s
14 Suzanne Mclean 32.3km/h 196W 36s
14 Val T. 32.3km/h - 36s
14 Rebekah W. 32.3km/h 138W 36s
17 Dana P. 31.4km/h - 37s
17 Maria Long 31.4km/h 174W 37s
17 Melissa Derickson 31.4km/h 158W 37s
17 Erica Richards 31.4km/h 151W Powermeter 37s