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melrose hill to bravado

Ride Segment Carlsbad, CA
  • 0.5km
  • 6%
    Avg Grade
  • 81m
    Lowest Elev
  • 112m
    Highest Elev
  • 31m
    Elev Difference
  • 7,351 Attempts By 1,393 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
David Bruemmer 35.2km/h 410W 54s
Chris Johnson 34.5km/h 502W Powermeter 55s
Lee H. 33.9km/h 649W 56s
Daniel Cipriani *Wolf Pack Cycling* 33.9km/h 515W 56s
Jim Armstrong -Wolf Pack 33.3km/h 584W 57s
Rick Sarles *Wolf Pack Cycling* 32.7km/h 534W 58s
Stephane Etienne 32.7km/h 584W 58s
Strava A. 32.2km/h 653W 59s
Tony A. 32.2km/h 652W 59s
Philip Tinstman 31.6km/h 391W 1:00
Bradley K. 31.6km/h 581W 1:00
Juan A. 31.1km/h 497W 1:01
Emilio Parra 31.1km/h 483W 1:01
Eric H. 29.2km/h 660W 1:05
Josh Stockinger 29.2km/h 632W 1:05
Trevor Anderson 29.2km/h 491W 1:05
Andrew Griffin 27.9km/h 475W 1:08
Joshua H. 27.5km/h 443W Powermeter 1:09
Chaz D. 27.5km/h 462W Powermeter 1:09
Andy Schmidt 27.5km/h 479W 1:09

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Heather B. 27.5km/h 587W 1:09
Jackie Cipriani Wolf Pack Cycling 24.7km/h 513W 1:17
Paris M. 21.8km/h 315W Powermeter 1:27
Angie R. 21.1km/h 464W 1:30
Dorene D. 20.9km/h 242W 1:31
Elizabeth Price 19.4km/h 400W 1:38
Breezer Hill 19.2km/h 261W 1:39
Kris G. 18.8km/h 231W Powermeter 1:41
Haley Smith 18.1km/h - 1:45
Eileen Blasi 17.9km/h 244W 1:46
Karen Messer 17.7km/h 340W 1:47
Ursula Cunneen 17.6km/h 357W 1:48
Rana Kennedy 17.4km/h 221W 1:49
Athena C. 17.4km/h 258W 1:49
Maria H. 17.4km/h 227W 1:49
Natalee K. 17.3km/h - 1:50
Ali J. 17.3km/h 238W Powermeter 1:50
Laura Lokkesmoe 17.1km/h 395W 1:51
Annamarie B. 17.1km/h 440W 1:51
Laurie Horton 17.1km/h - 1:51