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Hogpen Downhill

Ride Segment Blairsville, GA
  • 3.8km
  • -9%
    Avg Grade
  • 677m
    Lowest Elev
  • 1,025m
    Highest Elev
  • 348m
    Elev Difference
  • 2,726 Attempts By 1,580 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Jan Kolar 73.4km/h 290W 3:07
David B. 71.1km/h 104W Powermeter 3:13
David McEnery 70.4km/h 144W Powermeter 3:15
Christopher Cundiff 70.0km/h 79W Powermeter 3:16
Brian Toone 69.7km/h 68W Powermeter 3:17
Robert Loomis II 69.7km/h 253W 3:17
Adam Wilzinski 69.7km/h 221W 3:17
Chris Edmonds 69.7km/h 323W 3:17
Mike Frazier 69.3km/h 307W 3:18
Keith B. 68.6km/h 129W 3:20
Hill Billy Moonshiner 68.3km/h 190W 3:21
David Pavlik 68.3km/h 496W 3:21
Luke Caldwell 68.3km/h 326W 3:21
Richard Fiore Jr. 67.9km/h 102W Powermeter 3:22
George Valentine 67.9km/h 316W 3:22
julio restrepo 67.6km/h 101W 3:23
Alley Viper 67.3km/h 295W 3:24
Brandon Pruett 66.9km/h - 3:25
Jonathan A. 66.9km/h 289W 3:25
Larry Creech 66.6km/h 264W 3:26

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Kacie Darden 58.6km/h - 3:54
Sheila C. 57.9km/h 51W Powermeter 3:57
Tracy Draper 56.9km/h 145W 4:01
Wendy G. 56.0km/h 149W 4:05
April Rogers 55.1km/h 147W 4:09
jeannie ericson 53.8km/h 78W 4:15
Debbie Prouty 53.6km/h 121W 4:16
Anne K. 53.4km/h 46W 4:17
Korey Gotoo 52.4km/h 156W 4:22
Anna Marvin 52.0km/h 58W 4:24
Jennifer Talley 52.0km/h 57W 4:24
Susan Taylor 51.8km/h 70W 4:25
Indian Cycle Racing "Tough Cookie" 51.4km/h 125W 4:27
Ta Nisha B. 51.4km/h 65W 4:27
symantha reenders 50.8km/h 50W 4:30
Christi E. 50.8km/h 358W 4:30
Leah Mantle 50.8km/h 65W 4:30
Heather C. 50.8km/h 130W 4:30
Linell S. 50.1km/h 93W 4:34