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Haleakala Descent to Paia

Ride Segment Kula, HI
  • 54.9km
  • -5%
    Avg Grade
  • 113m
    Lowest Elev
  • 2,966m
    Highest Elev
  • 2,854m
    Elev Difference
  • 914 Attempts By 788 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Brent W. 58.4km/h 262W 56:26
Robert Efthimos 56.4km/h 163W Powermeter 58:25
Rodney Scott #QT2 54.4km/h 222W 1:00:33
Troy Woodburn 53.6km/h 336W 1:01:26
Zach G. 53.4km/h - 1:01:44
James R. 53.1km/h 77W Powermeter 1:02:06
Thomas Haas 53.0km/h 117W Powermeter 1:02:14
Chris Burnham 52.9km/h 263W 1:02:17
Rammy D. 52.8km/h 127W 1:02:27
Danny W. 52.6km/h 163W 1:02:38
Gary V. 52.2km/h 107W 1:03:06
David Arteaga -Giant Crater Team 52.0km/h 182W 1:03:21
Aaron P. 52.0km/h 130W Powermeter 1:03:25
Eddie S. 51.9km/h 114W Powermeter 1:03:32
Chris K. 51.8km/h 287W 1:03:37
Chris Blackburn 51.4km/h - 1:04:09
Bobby Reader 50.8km/h 0W Powermeter 1:04:49
dennis hubbard 50.7km/h 156W 1:05:02
Nguyen Le 50.7km/h 77W Powermeter 1:05:02
Ryan M. 50.5km/h 152W 1:05:18

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Diana T. 45.3km/h 234W 1:12:43
Chloe C. 44.9km/h 84W 1:13:28
Jennifer Burtner 44.5km/h 94W 1:14:05
Diane M. 44.1km/h 68W 1:14:46
Lc W. 43.8km/h 184W 1:15:16
Nancy K 43.7km/h 42W 1:15:27
Marni H. 43.0km/h 139W 1:16:37
Stubbed My Toe Again G. 42.9km/h 153W 1:16:45
Donna V. 42.9km/h 143W 1:16:53
Sharon S. 42.2km/h 225W 1:18:08
Meghan Grant 42.1km/h 41W Powermeter 1:18:16
Elizabeth May-Gaitos 41.9km/h 109W 1:18:35
Kerri Dawn 41.9km/h 123W 1:18:40
Jamie N. 41.8km/h - 1:18:55
Natalia G. 40.6km/h 124W 1:21:11
All I. 40.4km/h 49W 1:21:29
Tara D. 40.1km/h 76W 1:22:13
You Just Got Chicked !. 39.9km/h 37W Powermeter 1:22:41
Emily Rimas 39.4km/h 150W 1:23:36
suzanne berry 39.1km/h 11W Powermeter 1:24:18