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Empire Speed Skating Loop Central Park

Ride Segment New York, NY
  • 9.6km
  • 0%
    Avg Grade
  • 6m
    Lowest Elev
  • 37m
    Highest Elev
  • 32m
    Elev Difference
  • 209,207 Attempts By 7,922 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Scott Savory 47.5km/h 509W 12:08
Paskal L. 47.4km/h 219W Powermeter 12:10
alejandro guzman 47.4km/h 165W Powermeter 12:10
Zach Koop 47.3km/h 266W Powermeter 12:12
Jorge Orrego 47.3km/h 499W 12:12
Francisco Liuzzi 47.3km/h 254W Powermeter 12:12
Oleg Tanovitchi 47.2km/h 517W 12:13
Paul D. 47.2km/h 501W 12:13
Jp P. 47.2km/h 226W Powermeter 12:14
Jeff Y. 47.2km/h 237W Powermeter 12:14
Karl R. 47.2km/h 230W Powermeter 12:14
Neil Bezdek 47.2km/h 297W Powermeter 12:14
Alexander Barouh 47.2km/h 507W 12:14
Dave K. 47.2km/h - 12:14
Andrew Walsh 47.2km/h - 12:14
JP Kaminski 47.1km/h 458W 12:15
Ironman 95246 47.1km/h 497W 12:15
Michael Zak 47.0km/h 513W 12:16
Mike Stone 46.9km/h 486W 12:18
James E. 46.8km/h 509W 12:20

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Amy Miner 45.3km/h - 12:44
Fabienne G. 43.8km/h 213W Powermeter 13:10
Kathy Fong 41.6km/h 173W Powermeter 13:51
Anastasia Y. 41.2km/h 334W 14:00
Alie G. 41.2km/h 343W 14:01
Caitie D 40.6km/h 233W 14:12
Elana Iaciofano 40.2km/h 217W 14:21
BrittLee Bowman 39.9km/h 202W Powermeter 14:28
Cecilia Davis-Hayes 39.9km/h 313W 14:28
Jessica Meany 39.8km/h 309W 14:30
Meredith Uhl 39.8km/h 200W Powermeter 14:30
Erica T. 39.7km/h 316W 14:31
Helen Hatch 39.6km/h - 14:33
Sarah Lewis 39.0km/h 301W 14:47
Amira F. 38.9km/h 172W 14:49
Lucia D 38.6km/h 167W Powermeter 14:57
Stephanie K. 38.5km/h 284W 15:00
Iliana R. 38.4km/h 283W 15:01
Fanny B. 38.4km/h 277W 15:02
denise margulies 38.2km/h 272W 15:05