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Ride Segment Seattle, WA
  • 0.8km
  • 8%
    Avg Grade
  • 20m
    Lowest Elev
  • 82m
    Highest Elev
  • 62m
    Elev Difference
  • 1,648 Attempts By 293 People

Men's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Colin Gibson 25.6km/h 597W Powermeter 1:55
Lang Reynolds 25.4km/h 483W Powermeter 1:56
Steve Fisher 25.0km/h 447W Powermeter 1:58
Robert Powell 24.0km/h 483W Powermeter 2:03
Greg Hakim 23.2km/h 457W 2:07
Max O'Neal 23.0km/h 456W Powermeter 2:08
Mike Warner 23.0km/h 559W 2:08
Jack Stringham 22.7km/h 338W 2:10
Alan S. 22.1km/h 550W Powermeter 2:13
Eduardo Blanchard 22.1km/h 518W 2:13
Christopher Cumming 21.8km/h 309W 2:15
ಠ _. 21.5km/h 471W Powermeter 2:17
Eric S. 21.5km/h 436W 2:17
Theodore Schwartz 21.3km/h 398W 2:18
Anthony Dickson 20.6km/h 457W Powermeter 2:23
Zach Houvener 20.6km/h 433W Powermeter 2:23
Eric C. 20.5km/h 399W 2:24
Ed R. 20.5km/h 417W Powermeter 2:24
Zach McDonald 20.3km/h 374W Powermeter 2:25
Jason Bethel 20.0km/h 428W Powermeter 2:27

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Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Speed Power Time
Jennifer Wheeler 21.3km/h 458W Powermeter 2:18
Jessica Cutler 20.9km/h 341W 2:21
Ivy Audrain 19.4km/h 274W 2:32
(Megan) Gray F. 17.7km/h 308W 2:46
Joanne K. 16.9km/h 306W Powermeter 2:54
Kelly McCusker 16.6km/h 353W 2:57
Marissa Carr 16.0km/h 238W 3:04
Wendy Pabich 14.3km/h 235W Powermeter 3:26
Amanda A. 14.2km/h 205W 3:28
Laura Sotelo 13.5km/h 183W 3:38
Alex M. 13.3km/h 237W Powermeter 3:41
Alicia King 13.0km/h 212W Powermeter 3:46
Heidi Wood 12.9km/h 201W 3:49
Erika Sweet 12.7km/h 266W 3:52
Kay S. 12.3km/h 192W 4:00
Elizabeth S. 12.2km/h 162W 4:02
Darci Gillespie 11.8km/h 168W 4:10
Lynn Dettinger 11.6km/h 190W 4:15
Elizabeth Adams 11.2km/h 238W Powermeter 4:22
Emily Yeh 11.2km/h 158W 4:24