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Cycleboredom (Chris Huller)

Cycleboredom (Chris Huller)

Arlington, VA
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Cycleboredom (Chris Huller) is a cyclist from Arlington, VA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Jan 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 119.9mi
  • 12h 7m
  • 5,467ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Custis, Scott, and Up Veitch to Key in 2015
  • KOM on Custis, Scott, and Up Veitch to Key in 2015
  • 2nd overall on Custis, Scott, and Up Veitch to Key in 2015
  • 2nd overall on Veitch from Troy to Lee in 2015


Distance 119.9mi
Time 12h 7m
Elevation Gain 5,459ft
Rides 35


Total Distance 13,903.4mi
Total Time 1155h 55m
Total Elev Gain 413,868ft
Total Rides 1245

Recent Photos

  • #CommuteSteez: SAME. #commutevibes // @vulpinecc, @bernunlimited, @spyoptic, @swrve_la
  • Nothing quite like the sexy, curved lines of the carbon @ridecannondale Synapse SAVE stays. @maxhoffman in the BG giving the wheels #gentletouch. #intheshop
  • Still my transitional season go-to embro. Still smells like that one night… @madalchemy #whatimriding
  • Hashtag: #HUPHUPHUP!! #DCCX
  • Sorry everyone, I drove her to school today. We even did the car loop! ???? #bikedc #xtracycle @ergonbike
  • Bro, this is Arlington, GTFO!! At first I was pissed, then I couldn't stop laughing (and pointing), and finally I pitied him. Then pissed again 'cuz he stopped in the middle of the x-walk *and* the road. Would've loved to have thrown something through his window if he lit those stacks up.
  • FreshMeat: @pedrosbikecare Hex Bit Set. #whatimriding #fuckyeahbiketools
  • Big fan of these shirts, but the site doesn't promote them enough. Hopefully they'll get their act together soon! ???? #laatsteronde // Link in profile. Skreened versions on super sale right now!
  • Hashtag #PRO. DJ's rear derailleur showing crit season battle scars. [Note: freshie RD to be installed soon.] #intheshop
  • Columbia Pike, 2:50AM.
  • Fillmore Garden, 2:23AM.
  • Ugh, why are centuries so far away? Haven't ridden 100 miles since 2006—decided to that today. #centriesoncxbikes
  • Today's #foodgrid. The 4 in the middle are peanut butter/maple syrup/fluff sandwiches. Maple syrup/sea salt in the flask. And of course AICAR in the med bottle.????
  • Today's #tshirtsteez: 'dat @wtfkits. Also, #joeysokay.