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Cycleboredom (Chris Huller)

Cycleboredom (Chris Huller)

Arlington, VA
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Cycleboredom (Chris Huller) is a cyclist from Arlington, VA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
May 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 245.3mi
  • 23h 46m
  • 5,985ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Veitch from Troy to Lee
  • 2nd fastest time on Four Mile Run S. George Mason to S. Walter Reed - On the Road and NOT Hazardous
  • 2nd fastest time on Wednesday night CX lap
  • 2nd fastest time on 22nd street detour climb


Distance 1,204.0mi
Time 114h 38m
Elevation Gain 35,387ft
Rides 251


Total Distance 14,987.4mi
Total Time 1258h 26m
Total Elev Gain 443,796ft
Total Rides 1461

Recent Photos

  • In honor of Il #Giro, I'm gonna eat all the snacky cakes. #pastryweight
  • It was a little known fact that Michael Jackson loved pupusas. His label, however, nixed his first song subject and title idea. #themoreyouknow
  • Yoooo, de nieuw #WTFKOTW is up! @vagabond_cycling gets picked first voor playground dodgeball. @wtfkits sez: "All the Misty Mountain Hop vibes one can, or can not handle." Pre-order ends tomorrow (5/18)!! Check out the post on Boredom Centraal voor all de linx. #KOTW #cyclingkits @castellicycling
  • This week's #WTFKOTW is from @crusty_p_o_v and @alyssasevern. @wtfkits sez: "I like colors, I'm down w/ scorpions, and I dig dogs." Check out the post on Boredom Centraal or go through Crusty's bio link here on IG. #KOTW #cyclingkits #kitwatch @castellicycling
  • #WhatImRiding: @searchandstate was majority rules yesterday—bibs and jersey. Love the S-1A fit, it makes me feel slim which is a lot to ask from a jersey. The @louisgarneau Course 2LS shoes were fantastic and, as always, @theathletic's socks pull the #steezmix together. Love the Velo Check style. Also, @spyoptic and @rapha.
  • #FreshMeat: One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Cube Sock. @theathletic La Cubiste Socks voor your pleasure. #WhatImRiding // @defeet_international
  • Earlier mood: crossy w/ 100% chance voor radness. #cxalljaar Also, #notalone.
  • #TBT to @interbike 2014 when @bikehugger blazed through the @swobobikes booth and hijacked my meeting. ???? #smallbloggerproblems // Would've said hi, Byron, but you were on a mission!
  • She kills me. Wearing that cap like a baws. ???? #Dadlife
  • Sports team day @ Bug's school. Sending her in normal clothes & teaching her the phrase, "Professional sports are the opiate of the masses." Alright, so we're going with the Fassa Bortolo cap this jaar. ???????????? #Dadlife
  • Sick to my stomach. This sucks. Right down the street from me.
  • Annnnnnd then there was that one time where I lost my damn mind. [Note: just finished drinking this in less than an hour.] ????????????
  • Went full @showerspass in the rain last night, because namesake. Refuge Jacket and Rogue pant did the job. #CommuteSteez #WhatImRiding