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Janeen McCrae

Janeen McCrae

Capitola, California
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Rode across the USA in 2010. Still won't shut up about it. Ride bikes. Can't stop. Won't stop. Work at the Big S. Bikes rule! The End.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 250
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000
  • 1250
Mar 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 893.3mi
  • 73h 12m
  • 66,863ft

Recent Achievements

  • 6th overall on Old Mt Madonna Road (Watsonville to Summit)
  • PR on Sand Point Sprint
  • PR on Day road bump sprint - westbound
  • PR on Day road loop clockwise


Distance 1,720.9mi
Time 144h 58m
Elevation Gain 131,138ft
Rides 57


Total Distance 37,464.2mi
Total Time 3011h 4m
Total Elev Gain 2,328,192ft
Total Rides 1451

Recent Photos

  • A dirty #pumpkinbutter is a happy Pumpkin Butter #cruxlove #crux
  • Glad good won over evil and I got off the couch. Right before I got home, it started a heavy downpour, but I only had intermittent showers for most of the ride.
  • Sand Point. It's raining, but not hard. Road up here has many glue traps. #slipnslide #outrigger #photosphere
  • Same location as the other night, but this time with 100% more cow. #commutelove #morecowbell
  • Big smile from "The Draft" He really enjoyed that freshly laid, shitty gravel! #commutelove
  • We climbed until we were well above the fog and marveled at the world. #commutelove  #madewithfaded #karlthefog
  • The sky was a magnificent pink purple and orange bruise as I descended and I raced to get to this corner to catch it. By the time I screeched to a halt, got off my bike, fumbled my phone out of my pocket it was gone. I was muttering "hang on hang on sky!" Sky don't care. Sky is controlled by spinning thing we're standing on. Oh well. This will have to do. #commutelove
  • As they both stare out to sea, each dreams of a love once had, now lost.
  • Another horrid Sunday on the left coast. Can't remember the last time I rode Almond Butter. She's a beast! #rubylove
  • Judge me. i don't care.
  • Two lads climbing
  • Freebird in a yellow sea
  • Once more into the fog we go. #commutelove
  • Company on the hill today. #lucydoingstuff #commutelove