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2011 Terrible Two

  • 194.5mi
  • 17,965ft
  • 11:13:04
    Moving Time
  • 9,479
  • 422
    Suffer Score


  1. Keith B.
    Keith Buckingham

    Amazing performance. I was curious about your minimal rest stops. What did you eat during the ride? Thanks in advance, and again, congratulations.

  2. Adam B.
    Adam Bickett

    Thanks Keith. Nothing special - whatever I could grab - pb+j, fig newtons, fruit, gatorade, mtn dew. I've found - after a lot of experience - that this works well for me. The important thing is to keep taking in the calories, and use fuel that sits well with your stomach. For rest stops, grab your fluids, food, and go. Just took about 6 minutes (and 8 minutes stuck at the traffic controls).


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