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Alto de Letras

  • 84.6km
  • 3,828m
  • 5:00:17
    Moving Time
  • 3,925


  1. Nicole J.
    Nicole Justice

    Holy shit that's a lot of climbing Ale Ale Jandro!

  2. Alejandro J.
    Alejandro Jimenez

    Nicole, you wont never find something like this, in just 80KMS you will climb 3.828mts!!!. It was really awesome!. Come to Colombia and I´ll bring you there!!!!

  3. Nicole J.
    Nicole Justice

    That's amazing! Okay, I'll book my flight! Or maybe I'll just ride my bike there from California ;)

  4. Alejandro J.
    Alejandro Jimenez

    Blog entry about this ride:

  5. Fergus S.
    Fergus Sully

    That is an impressive profile!

  6. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    Unbelievable. That's it, I'm moving to the Americas.

  7. Alan M.
    Alan M.

    well done Alejandro - I know how you felt!

  8. Alejandro J.
    Alejandro Jimenez

    Matt, you have a place here mate!...
    Fergus, I need you here Killing some climbs!...
    Alan, thanks mate you know the beast!

  9. Sean Y.
    Sean Yeager

    Chapeau! I have family in Medellin Im going to have to make it out there soon! Found you via cycling Inquisition.

  10. Alan M.
    Alan M.

    Hi Sean, check my blog on cycling in Medellin this year - cool experience,

  11. Alejandro J.
    Alejandro Jimenez

    Hi Sean, let me know when you come!

  12. Wolf B.
    Wolf Becvar

    Wow chapeau! That's even for someone growing up right in the alps totally impressive :) Need to climb this one some time.

  13. Cassra ش.
    Cassra ش.

    Great Climb. Can you pls tell if there is a best time of teh year to do this climb and also why there are so many more trucks on teh descend towards Manizales , than on teh actual 80 km climb up. Thx

  14. Alejandro J.
    Alejandro Jimenez

    August - October is a great time of the year to do this climb. related with the amount of trucks, I don´t really know about it.


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