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Ride 20/04/2013 Quintet of Tailwind Searchers ... Windy Hundy

  • 100.2km
  • 272m
  • 3:33:15
    Moving Time
  • 1,953


  1. Ian W.
    Ian Wright

    Hundy, but only just!!!

  2. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    Yep, pretty tough breeze out there today. Felt solid, not gusty like we usually have

  3. "Lazy Legs" M.
    "Lazy Legs" Martin Cashman

    What's a "Flatty", is that a "Fatty" with a puncture for resistance training?

  4. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    First ride on the training bike I got two flat tyres. Should really have looked at the wear on the sidewall..brakes had worn a little hole. Was annoyed :) "Flatty" seemed an appropriate name after that


  • Reece M.
  • Jamie C.
  • Ian W.
  • "Lazy Legs" M.
  • Benjamin W.
  • Bernd N.