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Ride Wherein I ride with considerable intensity for brief periods of time

  • 11.1mi
  • 1,648ft
  • 1:07:03
    Moving Time
  • 686


  1. Stewdizzle G.
    Stewdizzle Goodwizzle

    You're making it hard to take rest days...

  2. Stewdizzle G.
    Stewdizzle Goodwizzle

    How'd you get a 4wheeler up there?

  3. Fat C.
    Fat Cyclist

    I'm really liking this Wildcat competition. It's fun trying to see if you can outdo your best on a 2+ minute all-out effort. Of course, someday some Gillespie or another is going to take notice and then come and take it away from us forever.

  4. Stewdizzle G.
    Stewdizzle Goodwizzle

    Very true. Our hidden gems.


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